A unique cinematic live session.

Myself along with the talented Ethan Hooper - Clarke (ejimages - Videographer and photographer) have created the series 'The Box Sessions'

The series is based around live acoustic performances and we are looking for solo artists (or a maximum of 3 musicians) to come and join us and perform a a few original tracks, maybe even a cover? 


The series is set in a cosy live lounge filled with vibe and character. Featuring an upright grand piano against a hand built wooden wall provides a comfort, ambience and of course creativity.


All episodes of the of the series will be filmed over a short period in June, edited, mixed and mastered prior to release later in the summer.

If this interests you at all, please get in touch

Or either of us through Instagram


My welcoming live lounge room provides a unique space to chill out before, in-between or after sessions.

It features a stunning wooden upright piano against a hand built reclaimed pallet wall and a guitar is never more than an arms length away as I believe there's no off switch for creativity.

With that is the capability to record up 10 tracks of audio at any given time straight to the studio along with a live video feed and full hear/talk back system. 

Both of the rooms when paired together produce endless amounts of opportunities to create great sounding music.